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The delegation design pattern allows an object to delegate one or more tasks to a helper object. Two classes are used to achieve this; the delegate and delegator, both which realise a common interface. A method (or methods) on the interface represent the functionality to be delegated. A call to the delegator calls the matching function on the delegate.

I was faced with a problem recently where a web page needed to create an email with the user’s email client. This is normally trivial, simply redirect the user to mailto:<emails>. The issues was that the maximum length of a URL across different platforms is approximately 2000 characters, and the amount of emails required far exceeded that in some cases. So a solution would need to make multiple mailto requests.

What is a CSS reset?


A CSS reset is a chunk of CSS that attempts to “reset” all styles so that a web developer can start with a plain canvas that is consistent across browsers. Having all styles uniform including heading tags makes the web site much easier and nicer to style.