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Design patterns in software engineering are generic solutions to some commonly occurring problems encountered when creating software. They are incredibly useful tools for both communicating a solution to a problem to other developers and also for saving time solving problems that have already been solved in quite elegant ways. Learning the big design patterns is a also just a great way to improve your skills as a software developer.

Selection sort

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Selection sort is an O(n^2) sorting algorithm that works by searching through a list to find the minimum element and swapping it for the first in the list. After every swap, selection sort is performed on the list with the head removed (ie. the minimum element). Due to the way that elements are swapped anywhere in the list, this is not a stable sort.

q HTML element


The q HTML element is used to represent an inline quote. Now regular quotes (“”) can represent this just fine, surrounding the quote in the q tag differs in that it explicitly indicates that the text is a quote, removing ambiguities that it could be emphasis, irony, etc.