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There are a lot of questions on Stack Overflow, probably a lot than you realise. This is understandable when you consider over 7,000 questions are being asked every day. No I’m not just talking about the 5 million odd that you can access via the questions tab (4,930,418 and counting at time of writing). There are also a ridiculous amount of deleted questions which only users with at least 10,000 reputation can see.

C# passing a reference type by ref


You may ask yourself why you would ever want to pass a reference type into a method using the ref keyword, or why the C# compiler even allows this. Using ref on a reference type is actually slightly different to not using it. The difference is that the ref keyword makes it a reference (pointer) to the variable, not just the object. This allows assigning to the source variable of the parameter from within the method.

Triangles in CSS

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Creating triangles with CSS is a pretty good way to reduce the number of images within an application. They’re a bit tricky to get your head around at first but once you understand them it’s really easy.

I stumbled upon this little gem, a search engine called Symbol Hound that unlike Google, doesn’t ignore symbols in fast it is actually optimised for searching with them. It only searches within Stack Overflow but that means it’s very focused on programming and really if you’re not finding your answer to a programming operator question on SO, it deserves to be asked.