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Triangles in CSS

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Creating triangles with CSS is a pretty good way to reduce the number of images within an application. They’re a bit tricky to get your head around at first but once you understand them it’s really easy.

I stumbled upon this little gem, a search engine called Symbol Hound that unlike Google, doesn’t ignore symbols in fast it is actually optimised for searching with them. It only searches within Stack Overflow but that means it’s very focused on programming and really if you’re not finding your answer to a programming operator question on SO, it deserves to be asked.

I’ve compiled some information about time complexity and underlying data structures of .NET simple collections and dictionaries. It was difficult to find some of this information on official sources like MSDN and non-official sources seemed to differ, so I used reflector and actually had a look at the .NET framework code to confirm these cases.

One of the new features in VS2012 is the ability to ‘preview’ a file instead of opening it fully which will open it in the ‘preview’ pane (docked to the right). To do this Left click on the file in the solution explorer. The great thing about it is that you can only have one preview open at a time. So when you’re searching for something looking through several files in the process, the ones that aren’t needed will close themselves.

I answered a question on Stack Overflow a couple of days ago and it sparked memories of several years ago when I was new to the industry. Something that confused me a little when starting out was around the use of interfaces. All of a sudden they started popping up in mass quantity as I started working on projects of significant size.